Alpina Foods – providing seamless access for customers with their new website


  • Extensive Product Information
  • Innovative Recipe Section
  • Cutting Edge WordPress Structure
  • Powerful, Effective Rollovers
  • Responsive Site Design
  • Store Finder

Alpina Foods is a leading provider of high quality dairy products. When they decided to revamp their site with a complete redesign, the Stellaractive Team was thrilled to hop on board. Alpina needed a responsive site that allowed customers easy access to information about their products. Stellaractive decided on WordPress as the structural base to allow for a great deal of flexibility as well as creative freedom. The inherent ability to create fully responsive sites that WordPress brings to the table made it a natural choice for Alpina’s site redesign/rebuild.

Alpina Foods is a dynamic, cutting edge company that provides great products and Stellaractive knew that they’d need to build a site that reflected this excellence. The site itself was designed to include a number custom features that blended seamlessly. Each product page is easily accessible and features engaging slideshows and rollover product information. Everything from nutrition facts to specific ingredients can be viewed on demand. The high level of relevant information allows viewers to learn as much as they’d like about particular products and encourages client loyalty by providing a wide range of relevant information.

Ultimate Locator store finder software was installed to help customers find stores nearby and a full featured News Blog keeps things up to date. The Store Finder was placed on every page to provide easy access to this user-friendly tool. A key aspect of the Store Finder is the ability of Alpina Foods to add new locations at will, allowing for a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

The News Blog is focused on new products, company awards, and additional information about the company. The dynamic WordPress structure allows Alpina to easily update the blog and keep viewers involved in the company. The Stellaractive Team made sure to launch the site with posts already up and visible, allowing Alpina Foods a head start in keeping their customers up to date.

Another major part of the Alpina Foods site is the Recipe section. Users can find a wide range of recipes that include Alpina products and discover great ideas for their meals.  As with other sections of the site, Stellaractive ensured that Alpina would be able to add additional recipes easily and determine several sort parameters that allow customers to find exactly what they’re looking for in a recipe.

Alpina Foods required a clean, easy to navigate site that focused on ease of use and high level interactions with customers. Stellaractive delivered with a WordPress based website that included a range of additional, engaging site tools. The power and simplicity of this new website allows Alpina to maintain its position as an industry leader while expanding into new markets and territories.