Tranxition Software Launches Responsive Website

site_tranxTranxition is in transition with a new CEO and a new direction. They discovered that 80% of the visitors to their website come from a mobile device and specifically wanted a website that worked like a mobile app. Stellaractive designed a responsive design and simplified 20+ pages of content into two navigational icons that lead customers directly to the product they need.

With an impressive customer base of Fortune 500 companies, Tranxition’s initiative is to grow their B2B sales through OEMs and Managed Service Providers. However, the challenge was the website must first appeal to an enterprise market. The new website is engaging to attract and educate potential partners.

Tranxition reported an immediate increase in the time visitors stayed on their website significantly reduces their bounce rate. The need website immediately helped them gain important industry recognition from analysts. is built on WordPress. Our web developers built in multiple WP plug-ins to allow Tranxition content control to every aspect of the website.

Stellaractive is employing Tranxition’s migration software this summer as we upgrade our computers. We look forward to the ease and cost savings it offers.