Intricate eCommerce Website for Medical Manufacturer

Medi-NuclearEvery once in a while we get to work on a website that involves intricate eCommerce options as well as highly technical products. That may sound daunting but here at Stellaractive the puzzle of complex online commerce structures mixed with scientific content is something we relish. We were thrilled when Medi/Nuclear hired us to revamp their website both visually and technically.

Medi/Nuclear has been a leader in diagnostic lung imaging systems since it was founded in 1973 and their website needed both a redesign and a new eCommerce system to handle thier complex price structures. They wanted a retro design that highlighted their medical devices and our graphics team used the timeless lines of the Medi/Nuclear logo to influence the site’s look and feel. In addition to retro colors, the Stellaractive team focused on layouts with clear focused navigation and an easy flowing design. This approach allows users – busy medical professionals to view the systems, identify options, and order quickly.

We understood that the functionality of the website was crucial to Medi-Nuclear’s success, we worked extensively developing the eCommerce website. Even with myriad customer types, several different commerce structures, and a wide range of product information we were able to keep the site streamlined, effective, and easy to use. It’s always a pleasure to work with clients like Medi/Nuclear and turn intricate, complicated product sales and eCommerce requirements into a revenue generating website.