MSP Frequently Asked Questions

When you partner with Stellaractive there’s a lot of support for you and your business.  We offer cutting edge web services combined with useful marketing tools to get the word out to your clients that yes, you can handle their web needs.

Here are a few questions that have come up when working with our MSPs.   If you have a question not addressed below please feel free to contact us.

How do I get access to the MSP Toolkit?

Complete the form on the left to receive access to the MSP Toolkit. Once you do you’ll get a login password and be able to use our wide range of marketing materials.

What is the financial arrangement between me and Stellaractive?

Most of our MSP partners simply take 10% of the initial project build cost as a referral fee and have us handle the project from start to finish.  For these situations we keep the MSP in the loop with regular CC’s on all milestone communications and welcome any check-ins along the way.

Some MSPs prefer us to let them know the wholesale pricing and they mark up the prices when passing the proposal on to their clients.  Usual markups are $500.00 for projects $5,000.00 or less and $1,000.00 for projects over $5,000.00.

Payment terms for a project include a 50% deposit and final payment before the website launches.  Larger projects are often broken up into monthly payments. 

If the hosting of the website is through Stellaractive, you have the option to mark up our wholesale hosting rates and charge the client directly.  We will charge your credit card or checking account once a month for all the clients hosted through us.

What kind of marketing materials do you provide?

We provide a wide range of marketing materials through the MSP Toolkit.  Here’s a few of them:

  • MSP Page HTML5 Code – This allows you to add a page to your existing site that offers details about the various web services you now can provide to your clients
  • Social Media Info – This document focuses on the various types of social media, how often to post, what subjects to post about and has a few example posts and tweets
  • Full Color Tri-Fold Brochure – We’ll take your marketing info and embed it into a full color Tri-Fold that you can print and send to your clients to let them know you offer web services

There’s quite a bit more in the MSP Toolkit so complete the form on this page (upper left) and get access to the Toolkit.  If you find that you need something not there, then feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Will you reference Stellaractive when interacting with my clients?

Yes. There is no way to avoid the fact that we are a separate company (our email address, phone ID etc.) however we do present ourselves as working in close partnership with you.   We make sure to reinforce your company as the client’s number one resource for all things tech and web related.

How do I know you won’t just steal my clients?

Truthfully, we don’t want your clients.  Don’t take that wrong –  we just deal only  with  websites and web services.  We don’t do backup/recovery prevention or build servers.  We don’t create office infrastructure or firewalls or any of the myriad things that a Managed Service Provider does.  Your clients will have no use for us other than to use our customer service line now and again about their site.   And in the future should your client contacts us directly for more web services, we will let you know and work through you just like we did for the first project for that client.

How do I get my picture/logo on your website?

You may have noticed the testimonials near the bottom of the MSP pages here on the site and yes, they include a logo or picture related to the MSP that spoke so well of us here at Stellaractive.  We’ve worked with some of our MSPs for years and feel comfortable having them on our site.  If you have done a project with us and would like to provide a testimonial we’d love to put it up in this section of the site.  Just send it to and we’ll be in touch.

What kind of services do you offer?

The most thorough list of our services is here on the Services page but an overview is as follows:

Web Design
We are known for custom website design that enhances overall internet marketing strategies and attracts the target market. Our team develops websites that are honed to your client’s business and its ideal customers. Our goal is to build an active community around their business. Your client’s website is a place for people to connect and interact with their company. Stellaractive specializes in complex websites, e‐commerce websites and social networking sites.

Marketing Strategies
Creating a dynamic, engaging site is a great first step but then your client needs to get the word out about their website and the company behind it. Our Graphic Design team as well as our SEO specialists are here to walk them through the detailed process of defining and implementing an effective online marketing strategy.

Your client’s company is unique and their branding should reflect what sets them above the competition. Our design team can make their online presence memorable and cover all branding needs. Logo’s, print layouts, color pallets, font choices and more are developed with your client’s company’s outlook in mind, representing them effectively and accurately.

Web Development
The Stellaractive team of software engineers designs enterprise software that integrates your client’s existing business software systems and can be customized to your business.

Custom eCommerce & Prestashop
Stellaractive develops e‐commerce systems and enterprise software for small businesses and multi‐million dollar e‐commerce companies. We also develop social networking websites with integrated e‐commerce systems.

What if I’m the one that wants a website rather than a client?

We’d be happy to create a site for you.  You get the same wholesale pricing we would offer you to do a site for one of your clients.

Here are a few MSP sites we’ve worked on:

How do I know how much to mark up?

Usual markups are $500.00 for projects $5,000.00 or less and $1,000.00 for projects over $5,000.00.  It’s advisable to stay within these amounts as the client will expect what they pay for.   We’ve found in the past that, for example, marking up a $4,000.0 site by $2,000.00 means that the client will be expecting a $6,000.00 site and they’re sure to be puzzled when the result does not seem to fit the cost.

Where do I sign up for your MSP email list?

You can sign up for our MSP email list here as well as by checking the box at the bottom of the MSP Toolkit access form.

We email you 3 or 4 times a month with new marketing materials available, website launches in core industries, and updates on web services that may impact your clients.

How long does it take you to build a site?

We can do a regular site in 8-10 weeks and an eCommerce site in 8-12 weeks.  Larger database driven sites or community integrated developments take longer.  We always specify a timeline and milestones in each proposal.

What kind of paperwork goes along with all this?

The first step is for you to complete an MSP Set Up Form.  We’ll set you up in our system and you’ll be ready to go when you make your first referral.

As soon as we get a referral we’ll create a Work Order as well as a Proposal.  The Work Order is our agreement with you and remains confidential between us.  In it we spell out the referral fee or the wholesale cost of services (depending upon how you’d like to proceed).  In addition, the Work Order lets us verify the contact info for both you and your client while specifying the components of the project.

The Proposal is for the client and provides a detailed list of everything the project entails along with a timeline and pricing.  If you’re marking up the proposal and submitting it to the client yourself, we usually add your logo and contact info and leave the pricing blank for you to fill in.