Referrals to Stellaractive

Thank you for referring one of your valuable clients to Stellaractive for web services!  We appreciate you sending them our way.  Fill out the form to the left and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your client and how we’ll move forward.

Here are a few thoughts about MSP Referrals:

  • Here’s how the finances work

Most of our MSP partners simply take 10% of the initial project build cost as a referral fee and have us handle the project from start to finish.  For these situations we keep the MSP in the loop with regular CC’s on all milestone communications and welcome any check-ins along the way.

Some MSPs prefer us to let them know the wholesale pricing and they mark up the prices when passing the proposal on to their clients.  Usual markups are $500.00 for projects $5,000.00 or less and $1,000.00 for projects over $5,000.00.  

If the hosting is through Stellaractive, once a client’s site has gone live you have the option as the MSP to have us charge the client directly or charge you (which allows you to mark up the monthly hosting when you bill your client).

  • Here’s what happens as far as paperwork

The first step is for you to complete an MSP Set Up Form.  We’ll set you up in our system and you’ll be ready to go when you make your first referral.

As soon as we get a referral we’ll create a Work Order as well as a Proposal.  The Work Order is our agreement with you and remains confidential between us.  In it we spell out the referral fee or the wholesale cost of services (depending upon how you’d like to proceed.  In addition, the Work Order lets us verify the contact info for both you and your client while specifying the components of the project.

The Proposal is for the client and provides a detailed list of everything the project entails along with a timeline and pricing.  If you’re marking up the proposal and submitting it to the client yourself we usually add your logo and contact info and leave the pricing blank for you to fill in.

  • You decide how we interact with your client

It’s your choice how we work with your client.   Most MSPs prefer that we simply take the referral and run with it, covering everything from the initial exploratory meeting through closing the deal and finally launching the site.  Stellaractive builds websites all day every day and we’ve got the process defined clearly so you know that your client will be in good hands.   It’s a pretty easy way to earn a 10% referral or easy $500.00 to $1000.00 for your business and we keep you in the loop on all milestones.

Other MSPs want to be more involved and attend meetings, get cc’d on proofs, and be more present during the project build in addition to being notified of milestones.  Each project is different and some MSPs are more hands on with their sensitive clients or for the first few projects.  Once we’ve done a few sites for an MSP’s clients there’s usually more of a relaxed level of participation from an MSP as they’ve learned the level of customer service and product quality we deliver.

  • We keep you in the loop

Every Proposal has a timeline with milestones specified and we copy you when milestones are reached on your client’s project.  Some MSPs prefer to be cc’d on a more detailed level (when proofs are submitted or when a site goes into test mode etc.) and we’re happy to work with you at whatever level you feel most comfortable with.

  • Here are some great sites we’ve built

If you haven’t seen our Portfolio, click here to get thereWe cover a number of industries and site types so feel free to check out the many ways we’ve met client needs.

  • Site costs vary but here are some numbers

Our sites run from 4,000 to 30,000 depending upon what the client needs and their budget.  Every now and then we move out of that range but our average website runs 5k to 6k and our average eCommerce site runs 8k to 12k.

  • Need more info about what we offer or marketing materials to get you started?

Click here to check out our MSP Toolkit!  There’s a wide range of tools for you to use to market web services along with a complete list of what we offer.