Alpina Foods, Batavia, NY

Alpina Foods is a leading provider of high quality dairy products. Alpina needed a responsive site that allowed customers easy access to information about their products.  Stellaractive decided on WordPress as the structural base to allow for a great deal of flexibility as well as creative freedom.

The site itself was designed to include a number custom features that blended seamlessly.  Each product page is easily accessible and features engaging slideshows and rollover product information.  Ultimate Locator store finder software was installed to help customers find stores nearby and a full featured News Blog keeps things up to date.

Another major part of the new Alpina Foods site is the Recipe section.  Users can find a wide range of recipes that include Alpina products and discover great ideas for their meals. The power and simplicity of this new website allows Alpina to maintain its position as an industry leader while expanding into new markets and territories.