PacMe, Tualatin, OR

PacMe is our latest custom cake php development and branding project. The company is for people who like to buy things from online from US retailers but live overseas. There are great products in the US but not all online companies ship overseas and the cost to ship internationally can get expensive.

PacMe makes it easy and affordable for people to buy from the US. They give overseas buyers their own US mail box located in sales tax free Sherwood, Oregon.   PacMe customers ship their packages to their US mail box, then PacMe photographs the incoming package, takes inventory, and warehouses the product for their clients.   When a customer is ready, PacMe consolidates all their packages by carefully repacking everything in one box and shipping it home.

Creative Director, Rupert Edson, created the PacMe logo and look and feel for the website. Stellaractive then worked with PacMe on a complicated set up of business rules that required more than 200 pages of wireframes. The website includes a customer portal where customers can view details on all the incoming packages, chat with PacMe customer service, create a special request for a package, create multiple consolidations where they can choose from various shipping or packing options, as well as create their customs lists, manage their address book, and payment methods.

Stellaractive also built an admin area that includes a CMS and full control over carrier mark, ups, pricing, system rules and more.   We built 4 shipping aps for Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and USPS as well as 2 payment gateways for Paypal and

Finally, Stellaractive built a web based software to run the warehouse where packages are received, stored and consolidated. It includes detailed reports to show movement of packages and any possible hold ups in their processes.