Windows 10 Update Launching Soon

It’s now a few days before launch and it looks like Windows 10 might come with a free version of Office, including Office Mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint available for iOS and Android. It seems like Microsoft has really embraced the power of little incentives!

Windows 8 – and perhaps more tedious in some respects – 8.1 had attempted an OS that imageswas fairly universal between workstation, high end gaming rigs, and more mobile devices with touch screen interfaces.

Microsoft skipped Windows 9 (which was surely in some form of early development) and decided on a bigger leap forward. The Redmond Washington firm unveiled Windows 10 back in September of 2014, then later provided a WTP (Windows technical preview); testers were struck by how the OS was optimized for the complete spectrum of devices and exploits their strengths and weaknesses.

Millions have been signing up for the first crack at Windows 10 via Microsoft’s insider program, all one needs is a Microsoft account. Once qualified you will end up with a time released downloader that will sit in your task bar and wait for July 29th to activate. Just know that this is not technically the finished product and it will certainly suffer some hiccups in that awkward implementation phase. Hopefully it won’t be as infuriating as some of the issues suffered with the aforementioned versions.

New features have been rolling in with each preview in the past months and Windows 10 is — according to Microsoft — very close to completion. There is general confidence in how it will improve the user’s overall experience. Another interesting change is a new browser called Edge to replace Internet Explorer as the default. Seeing as we’ve been dealing with Explorer all of these years this could be a pleasant surprise.

One last caveat: Windows 10 is only free for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 user, and only for one year. After that, there is a cost, $129 to start.

Written by: Bradley Timm