3 Steps to Getting Started on Pinterest

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Establishing a presence across multiple social platforms is vital, yet Pinterest is often overlooked. Pinterest is well known for travel, fashion, and food, but its uses go far beyond that. It’s an ideal place to share your business and showcase your products, services, and projects to a vast audience while connecting with customers and other businesses. There are over 150 million active monthly users on Pinterest, and they are all searching for inspiration and helpful tips. If your customers (or potential customers) are on Pinterest, then you should be there too! Read on for our top 3 tips to get started on this fun and popular social media platform:

Step 1: Set up a business account and profile

Start by setting up your business account. This basic but important step ensures you’re adhering to terms of service, of course, but it also gets you access to great tools, like analytics and the ability to advertise. As part of this step, you’ll verify your business website on Pinterest. They provide all the info you need to know so don’t worry if you’re not familiar with this step!

After you’ve set up your business account, upload a Pinterest-worthy profile picture. Setting up your profile is important because it allows you to showcase your brand and provide a snapshot of what the business is all about. Be sure you have a descriptive username, bio, and an eye-catching photo.

Step 2: Create boards and pin photos

Once the details are taken care of, have fun by creating boards and pinning photos. This is the best way to share and organize your profile into related pages that make it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for! Once your profile is created and you’ve created a few boards of your own, you can start following your target audience and other accounts. Be sure you are using the function to upload images from your website and provide direct links to the products. This will allow you to track conversions while providing additional insights if you decide to run Pinterest ads.

Step 3: Check out the data

One of the best features Pinterest has to offer is its ability to track analytics, conversion insights, and an audience overview. This lets you see if you are pinning items and posting products that appeal most to your account’s audience. You can also remarket to your target audience. To get even more in-depth, post a catalog of products. Then you can run ads via Pinterest and track which products are selling and on which days your customers are purchasing your products.

Once you have successfully set up your Pinterest business account, make sure you share it with your other channels! Let people know that you created an account and what they can expect to see if they follow you.

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