A Stellar Spotlight on Phil Fischer

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Phil Fischer, the Seattle software guru who started the web design industry in 1989, is a public figure in the Seattle area who sought to redesign his personal website, philfischer.com. The site chronicles Phil’s incredible early life, supports his ministry services and tells the story of his music career. We were fired up when he chose to us to create his site. After all, this is a man who understands web design — he launched the world’s first web-design firm! We couldn’t wait to use our skills and experience to portray such a fascinating individual.

Phil Fischer screenshot old site

Phil Fischer – Before!


Priorities for this redesign included a clean and interesting design, equipping the website with SEO functionality, connecting social media accounts and making it easy for Phil to update his own content in the future as needed.

Even more than that, we knew from the beginning that Phil’s new site needed to tell his story, so our first priority was to craft a user experience that would help visitors feel like they were along on his adventures. You’ll notice that the pages have a gritty feel, with thoughtfully selected images, textures and fonts to convey that his has been been a rough road. In addition, each page flows into the next to illustrate the life transitions he’s experienced.

Final Result

Phil Fischer new site

Phil Fischer – After!

Wow, we love this site! It’s streamlined and intuitive but with a creative, unique flair that mirrors Phil’s personality and life. Even better, the client is so happy that he’s tasked us with another website build, a redesign of his ministry’s website at jesuslives.com. Stay tuned for that reveal, in a blog post coming soon!

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