HMK USA Outdoor Gets a Dynamic eCommerce Website

September 27, 2014 By

HMK USA, Hood River Oregon had an outdated eCommerce website that integrated poorly with their fulfillment and shipping department and didn’t accommodate their growing product lines. The site needed an updated modern design that aligned with their well-developed brand personality and included Sasquatch.

Stellaractive developed an ecommerce system that displayed their products in large gallery pages that emphasized the quality and features, and added rollover navigation to view each product in every color option. Now HMK customers can clearly view products and information for a clean and simple shopping experience.

One of HMK’s goals was to use their website to interact with their loyal customer base and alleviate delayed responses to customer questions. We installed a Live Chat module that also provides live navigation and referral statistics while chatting with potential clients.

To support the new HMK ecommerce website as a direct communication tool for the company’s marketing department Stellaractive installed a national dealer locator, giving customers the option to purchase local instead of online. We also integrated the website with Mail Chimp, Facebook, and other social platforms to keep their website perfectly in tune with all of their marketing efforts.

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