Classic Pianos


Classic Pianos needed a website to capture their acclaimed history.

In addition to being a heavily-awarded, fourth-generation piano store, Classic Pianos is an iconic local brand that has extended its reach to include seven stores across the U.S., all operated from the company’s 30,000 sq. ft. showroom in Portland. At each location, Classic Pianos conducts business with the same integrity and passion that has made the flagship location so successful, and with a customer-first philosophy that matches its dedication to making the world’s best piano brands accessible to all.

What an honor it was, then, to be selected as a marketing partner by a client with such reach and discerning tastes! And though Classic Pianos initially came to us seeking a full-service web development partner, our relationship has deepened, and Stellaractive continues to play a pivotal role in the company’s growing success.

Services Provided:

  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress web development
  • WooCommerce e-commerce development
  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Secure website hosting and maintenance
  • Digital marketing
  • Print design


We started the process with an in-depth research phase to learn about the company, its products, and its customers. By conducting workshops and brand audits, we began to understand Classic Pianos’ core values, history, customer motivations, and craft a roadmap for future marketing efforts. Together, we determined that the development of a WordPress Multisite would be the best path forward.

Web Design and Development

Classic Pianos new websites needed a cohesive brand look and voice, an intuitive user experience, and the ability to display pianos that could be purchased online, along with deep product information for those that require an in-store purchase. We designed a rich, timeless look the sites to convey their long history and respected position in the industry. Beautiful panels tell the story of Classic Pianos and the piano brands they sell, as well as their strong selling proposition. A quick-loading and responsive interface and an easily updated Content Management System rounded out the development.

Benefits of a WordPress Multisite

  • Accessibility: All sites share a single set of login credentials (per super admin user)
  • Consistency: Ability to push product updates out from one site to the others sharing the multisite installation
  • Cost and Time Savings: With a multisite installation, plugins can be shared among individual sites and updated simultaneously
  • Continuity and Flexibility: A shared theme and global stylesheets ensure strong branding while allowing for customization on a per-site basis as needed


We used an active, brand-aligned voice to capture Classic Piano’s passion and knowledge. Engaging headlines, thoughtful keywords, and bulleted text helped create an engaging experience and search engine placement success. We used a mix of existing and new content to tell the story of this family-owned business.

Digital Marketing

After the new sites launched, Classic Pianos was so pleased with our partnership that they tapped us to take the lead on their digital marketing, social media, promotion, and ad management initiatives. Our content incorporates branding, sends traffic back to the respective websites, and shares relevant news to show their expertise. Email marketing initiatives notify stakeholders about important news and drive customer traffic. Other marketing work includes reputation management, event planning assistance, and promotion management.

Print Design

Classic Pianos is capitalizing on the depth of our service offering, as much as their customers benefit from theirs! In addition to the websites and digital marketing services, Stellaractive also provides the company with a wide range of print design support, from designing billboards, price tags, print ads and flyers to signage, brochures and more, we are serious about our position as stewards of the Classic Pianos brand.

We’ve made beautiful music in our partnership with Classic Pianos.

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