Launch 2 Market



Launch 2 Market (L2M) partners with promising food entrepreneurs to accelerate their brands through investment and food industry support services. By leveraging their unique capabilities and relationships, L2M helps small businesses develop long-term growth and success.  

L2M provides holistic support to young food brands through investment and financial support, warehouse and logistics, production, marketing, and more. Their goal is to help companies sell at fair prices by producing smartly from the very start. L2M also provides assistance in sourcing top, innovative food ingredients, as well as smart production in order to free up founders to innovate and market.

L2M was founded in 2017 as an initiative of Bridgewell Agribusiness. When the company came to Stellaractive, its only website presence was a single page within Bridgewell’s site. In order to capitalize on its past success and pave the way for an even expanded presence going forward, L2M required its own distinct website. The new site would promote the current brands in the accelerator program and generate new business leads while also legitimizing its services and positioning it as a major player in the industry. L2M desired a modern, professional look with ingredient-focused imagery.

The final result is a beautiful and concise site that conveys the company’s passion and the mission:

  • Current accelerator brands are promoted
  • Intuitive navigation easily guides visitors through the site
  • Information is displayed and presented cleanly and simply
  • A striking, energetic color palette is used
  • Easy-to-submit contact forms are prominently located throughout the site

Stellaractive had so much fun cooking up this new website. We’re eager to see what great new brands come out of L2M’s oven next!

A tasty new website for L2M:

  • Beautiful and modern site that reflects the company’s philosophy
  • Clear, intuitive navigation and content
  • Gorgeous imagery
  • Prominent contact forms to generate leads
  • On-page SEO for improved placement in search engines
  • Responsive on all screen sizes
  • Can be quickly updated by staff