Northstar Glassworks


Northstar Glass’ New Website is Poised for Rising Sales

The world is filled with outrageously creative glass artists, and Northstar Glasswork’s new website is now positioned to serve them all. Northstar Glassworks, located in Portland, Oregon, is an industry-leading manufacturer of rod, frit, power, tube, cane and Precision 104 soft glass. The company’s color palette is the most comprehensive and of the highest quality of any available on the market, so it’s no surprise that they’re experiencing rapid expansion.

Northstar initially came to us with a functional e-commerce site, but it only featured their specialty / limited edition items. In addition, selecting a weight for purchase was both confusing and cumbersome. We were honored to take on the challenge and redesigned the entire customer experience!

Their new website has a bold, more branded appearance that showcases colorful customer-submitted photos and features a host of functionality improvements:

  • Streamlined and simplified the navigation;
  • Addition of more than 200 variable products for sale;
  • Customers can now purchase glass by exact weight;
  • Much improved interface for identifying retail locations where Northstar Glassworks products are sold;
  • Integrated the company’s inventory / accounting system with their website;
  • Made it easy for them to collect sales tax using TaxJar; and
  • Made it possible for their commercial customers to submit Purchase Orders.

We’re so excited to release this project to the world and can’t wait to see how the website grows, right along with Northstar’s success.