Portland School of Astrology


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The Portland School of Astrology (PSA) offers a diverse culture of learning that focuses on empathy and liberation. Stellaractive was excited to shoot for the stars and create a gorgeous new site that would meet all their needs.

Established in 2013, the Portland School of Astrology has expanded to become a leading community organization and the largest astrology school in the United States. With its comprehensive and integrated Year-Long Programs, PSA teaches astrology through a social justice lens that appreciates and validates the variation of human expression both in the chart and within the individuals lived experience.

When PSA came to us, they already had an established website but it lacked a modern look and functionality. The School’s administration wanted a new website that would be a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new students and position the School as a credible institution. Features would include:

  • Interactive content, such as a calendar for classes and integration with an Learning Management System (LMS) was vital. A LMS would permit PSA students to login, access downloadable files and handouts, and manage attendance records.
  • An enhanced FAQ page and improved management of free resources, such as articles and MP3s, would ensure the School’s valuable educational pieces could be freely used.
  • Improved events management meant that no-cost event registration could be better supported.

Additionally, the site was more intuitively organized thanks to creation of a clear navigation. A new design, including whimsical animations, captured the innovative philosophy that has made PSA a leader in the field of astrology.

The Portland School of Astrology’s new website is a beautiful tool that helps them attract new students while offering convenient functionality to existing students. Stellaractive is proud to have worked with this educational and community-based organization that strives for inclusivity.

A modern and intuitive website for Portland Astrology:

  • Beautiful, modern site that reflects the school’s mission
  • Integrated Learning Management System with student records
  • Calendar of classes and events
  • Enhanced FAQ section
  • Payment gateway upgrade
  • On-page SEO for better search engine placement
  • Responsive on all screen sizes
  • Can be easily updated by staff