Founded in 2019, URösti is amping up the humble potato thanks to their delicious Rösti snack.

Together with his family, URösti founder Stephen Caldwell developed a modern version of the traditional Swiss potato pancake. While paying homage to its rich history, their Rösti has been updated for American tastes with a variety of fillings and spices. Found today in major supermarkets around the country, URösti is thrilled that their cheesy, crispy potatoes are appreciated by thousands of busy families and home cooks as a tasty side dish or snack. Made from simple, healthful ingredients, Rösti is vegetarian and gluten-free.

URösti came to us through their new partner – and our client – Launch2Market (L2M), a food brand accelerator. With L2M, URösti was rebranding their company and their product. Armed with a new logo and new packaging, they were ready to make a big market splash. Their Rösti were already found in hundreds of stores but with more hopefully on the way, URösti wanted a new website that would reinforce brand recognition, provide purchase information, and educate customers about their product.

The final result is a fun site that markets Rösti as delicious, easy to prepare, and versatile.

  • Gorgeous product photos are front-and-center to entice customers
  • Clean design invokes Swiss minimalism
  • The brand history and story are prominently displayed, as are recent successes
  • Information is presented cleanly and simply
  • A playful color palette is used
  • Versatility of the product is showcased with recipes, images, and serving suggestions

Stellaractive had a blast working on this tasty new site. We look forward to seeing how URösti’s business grows!

URösti's appetizing new website:

  • Enticing, playful site that conveys the company’s passion
  • Clear navigation and content
  • Compelling imagery
  • Geo-location tool so visitors can find the closest stores that sell Rösti
  • On-page SEO for enhanced positioning in search engines
  • Responsive on all screen sizes
  • Can be easily updated by staff as needed