Sasquatch Chronicles

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Sasquatch Chronicles is a podcast that debuted in 2013 by two brothers, Woody and Wes, who encountered several Sasquatch in the foothills of Washington. After their experience, they wanted to create a safe outlet for others to share their own encounters and thus Sasquatch Chronicles was born. They have thousands of subscribers and their following continues to grow.

Stellaractive built a membership site that allows the public to view latest news and blog posts, while members can log in and listen to the podcast. We created a Join page where visitors can buy membership packages that allow them to gain access to great content. We built an eCommerce portion of the site where customers can buy Sasquatch related apparel and products.

The result was a responsive WordPress website that engages members and visitors alike, featuring their impressive blog on the homepage and a spooky natural setting in the background.