As a digital marketing and web development team, we are in the business of cultivating relationships between our clients and their customers. In a roundabout way it seemed fitting, then, that we’d have the opportunity to promote a product that — literally — is about creating connections. Enter SEMPAC, another Pacific Northwest company that has led the way in crafting innovative solutions for the semiconductor packaging industry since 2000. 

For those who don’t know, a semiconductor package is very small, available in a variety of materials, and designed to provide a safe way to connect semiconductors to an external environment, such as a circuit board. Complex stuff. So, when SEMPAC approached us to help put a fresh face on its brand, we couldn’t wait to jump in.   

SEMPAC’s semiconductor packaging products are reliable, compliant, and affordable. They’re also known for exceeding customer expectations, which is exactly what their redesigned logo and website needed to convey.  

SEMPAC's project priorities included development of a:

  • Strong, memorable, industry-relative logomark; and a 
  • Redesigned, WordPress website featuring a complex, highly customized WooCommerce system that would not only allow customers to create quote requests but enable the SEMPAC team to revise their quotes as needed, then send the order back to the customer to complete their purchase electronically. 

SOLUTION: A Comprehensive RFQ and E-Commerce System

Instead of conventional e-commerce functionality, the SEMPAC website uses an RFQ system to generate leads and sell its individualized and bundled products.  Here’s a simplified version of how it works: 

  • Current and prospective customers visit and view the full complement of SEMPAC’s products in a familiar shop interface that is browsable by custom taxonomies and cross-filterable by additional qualifications.  
  • Customers can order products individually or build personalized bundles from the individual products. 
  • The experience is much like a typical website shopping experience, except that a customer places items in their cart, uploads related technical files as needed, and then submits their order for pricing. When the order is received, SEMPAC contacts the customer as needed for follow-up and clarification, then sends the customer a link to pay for their order (via credit card or purchase order).

The website’s highly customized functionality includes:

  • Protected technical documentation that is only available to customers who create and receive approved accounts. Plus, integrated download tracking allows SEMPAC to record file downloads by user and by product, and to run reports on these interactions to better understand the popularity of their products. 
  • Ajax search functionality that makes it easy for customers to find specific products. Plus, column headers in the store change based on the product type that is displayed so the customer is always presented with informative product data. 
  • Personalized PDF invoices that reflect specific client requests, PO numbers and shipping preferences.  
  • Alphanumeric invoice numbering is carried throughout emails, customer profiles, backend order edit screens, and invoices.  
  • Customers can declare their shipping preferences at checkout, and even provide their own shipping account information.  
  • Full integration with SEMPAC’s Salesforce CRM. 
  • Address verification in the checkout process to minimize shipping issues. 
  • Support for international customer interactions. 
  • Customer user role modifications that allow customers to modify their contact information (on the website and within the CRM). 
  • Tailored content experience that aligns with the client’s workflow. 
  • Ability for job candidates to submit digital files. 

THE RESULT: A High-Impact Solution

For the entire Stellaractive team, this project was incredibly meaningful and one we were very excited to release into the world. After all, semiconductors are integral to the systems and products that we all use to work, communicate, travel, and more, and their packaging is what enables their functionality. What’s more, this website reflects the incredible possibilities and customization options available within the WordPress and WooCommerce framework. It isn’t often we really get to stretch our wings and demonstrate what’s possible! We are excited for SEMPAC’s future and its increasing market visibility in the world of semiconductor packaging, which, thanks to the new website, is expanding one connection at a time.