Stagecraft Industries


stagecraft homepage on multiple devices

For 60 years, Stagecraft Industries has been transforming performance spaces through specialized stage products and services. Stellaractive was ready to give them a new website that would bring down the house!

Whether stage draperies and lighting or installation of theater equipment, Stagecraft provides schools, churches, and concert halls with a full array of products and services to ensure their performances are exceptional. As one of the most sought after specialty contractors in the western United States, Stagecraft takes pride in their ability to provide innovation solutions and exceptional customer service.

Stagecraft approached us for a website overhaul because their existing site lacked the modern look that clients expected and needed when searching for a new vendor. Their site was not responsive on mobile and it lacked on-page SEO. Additionally, it relied heavily on Adobe Flash Player to engage users, which was problematic as Adobe is phasing out this product by the end of 2020.

We wanted Stagecraft’s new website to reflect their trusted position in the industry and highlight their innovative solutions. A new website needed to instill consumer confidence and position their company as a legitimate and modern. In other words, we wanted to ensure that Stagecraft would stay in the limelight!

To accomplish this, we first had to find a viable solution for the Flash components. These were a vital part of the old site, as they illustrated how Stagecraft’s technical and complex products worked and could be installed. We found that a combination of HTML5 and GIFs provided modern and user friendly animations. From there, a intuitive navigation informed and inspired visitors throughout the site while strong content and visuals kept them engaged. A portfolio page to highlight recent projects and a strong testimonial page inspired confidence in their knowledge and abilities. A filterable stage curtains page ensured that visitors could find what they need while also learning more about their options. A glossary of stage and theater terms that can be sorted by letter helps to inform visitors. Lastly, an extensive project archive that can be sorted by project name lists the locations of many past projects.

We had so much fun on this project and we’re honored to be a small part of Stagecraft’s long and successful history. Thanks to their new site, Stagecraft has received many new leads and we can’t wait to see what incredible projects they’ll be working on next.

Stagecraft Industries' new website features all the bells & whistles:

  • Beautiful, updated and modern look-and-feel
  • User-friendly animations explain the different products and how they work
  • Portfolio page highlights recent and notable projects
  • Detailed archive of past projects
  • On-page SEO to benefit search engine placement
  • Fully responsive no matter the screen size
  • Easy for the Stagecraft team to update as needed