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Stumptown Mattress is a Portland based online mattress shop that sells locally produced mattresses that are made of environmentally friendly materials and has that not-too-soft-and-not-too-firm feel that gives all body types a great night’s rest.

First and foremost, our client wanted their website design and functionality to appeal to the young, active Pacific Northwest lifestyle that many of us love, since their mattresses are made right here in beautiful Portland, OR. Our graphic designer crafted a logo that captures Stumptown Mattress’s passion for Portland’s urban wilderness setting. Evergreen trees and a deep forest green color are woven throughout the site design, which ties in with their outdoor themed logo. Our designer also chose a paneled site design, which not only segments content in a visually pleasing way, but let’s their wonderful photography do a lot of the talking.

Our developer built our client an impeccably functioning eCommerce website that makes it easy for customers to shop for the mattress size they need. Should they need white glove service, a zip code search bar makes it easy for people to enter their zip code and receive a price for Stumptown Mattress to deliver and set up their new mattress and even take away their old one. Customers can also easily leave reviews by entering their desired message, name and email (emails will not be published).

Ultimately, the site we built and designed for Stumptown Mattress inspires customers to join in on the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, through an exceptional online mattress shopping experience.