Pups of Stellaractive

December 5, 2017 By

Hello everybody! Instead of posting about the our internet happenings today, we thought we’d take the time to introduce you to our office pups! These three are great friends, but such weirdos. Oddly, enough all 3 are black dogs and all three hail from exotic places. Zeppelin on the left, was recently rescued from Puerto Rico. He’s the newest of the gang and is a vocal little guy, especially when he plays with Hank. He yelps out of excitement, which is really fun when we’re on a call with a client. Hank (in the middle) is from Hawaii, which explains his super chill demeanor. Although he has a bit of a phobia when it comes to floors. If he trips or slides funny in one area of the floor, he thinks the floor is out to get him. So he scurries really fast across the scary part of the floor and sometimes trips. Self-fulfilling prophecy, Hank. And Bosko, on the right, is one tough little Schnoodle. He often let’s Zeppelin and Hank know who’s boss around here by bogarting kongs and the like. He loves to play with Zeppelin, until he doesn’t and then he quickly let’s Zeppelin know that playtime is over. Bosko is also the greeter of the office. He’s really good at saying hello to our clients, as he loves to meet new people and wags his tail every time he does.

So there you have it! Those are the wonderful pups of Stellaractive. They certainly make life around here fun.

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