WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Stellaractive’s WordPress Hosting and Maintenance services guarantees that your website will be secure and function properly. We ensure you won’t be hacked and in the unfortunate event that you are hacked, we will correct the issue for free. In addition to protecting you from hackers and malware, we also update the WordPress core and all the plugins used on the site. We test the updated plugins to ensure they function properly after the update.

Stellaractive is also available for support calls should your staff have questions or need a refresher on how to update the website. We will also provide hourly services to help you make changes and update the website as needed.

Your website will be hosted on WP Engine, the top hosting experts of WordPress from small to enterprise websites.

  • We offer the most advanced method of protection against hackers and other security threats.
  • Modifying of the WordPress core to hide version numbers and other sensitive pieces of information used by hackers to attack websites.
  • Update blacklist of malicious IP Addresses
  • Database malware scans.
  • Website log review to ensure there is no suspicious activity that could slow your site speed.
  • Database backup to ensure that the site can be quickly reinstalled in the case of a catastrophic attack.

Automatic WordPress Backup and Disaster Recovery on WP Engine

Your data and customer experiences are preserved with reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions. With snapshot backups, you can breathe easy if the unexpected should happen. If you’ve ever hesitated to change your site out of fear of making a costly mistake, you’ll love snapshot backups. Restoring your site has never been easier.

Get Enterprise-Grade Scale with EverCache

WP Engine’s EverCache is one of the most scalable WordPress caching mechanisms available today. Their proprietary caching system serves your media incredibly fast and dramatically increases visitor reach and availability. EverCache is fully integrated into your WordPress environment, so you don’t need any third-party caching plugins. Cache is automatically refreshed as needed. You can always clear your cache at any time as well. And if you need special caching rules, our support team is happy to implement them for you.

Content Delivery Network Makes Loading Content Faster

A content delivery network (CDN) stores your site’s static content locally in servers all across the world and then delivers content to your visitors from the servers that are closest to them. The effect is two-fold: content loads faster because it’s closer to the end-user, and your site can scale dramatically because an expansive global network of servers shares the traffic load. WP Engine has partnered with NetDNA to offer a robust, enterprise CDN as part of our service.

WordPress Hosting with WP Engine’s Enterprise Plans Offers High Availability

Business-critical, high-traffic WordPress sites benefit from our highly available, scale-out system that can handle more than 50 million visitors per month. Our enterprise plans feature a three-tier architecture with HA load balancing and firewalling, scalable web layers, and advanced database replication. And if you experience a traffic spike, our rapid, easy deployments allow us to add more capacity to your site effortlessly.