Cherie Collins

March 15, 2017 By

Cherie Collins is an Internet entrepreneur who started her first Internet business in 1996. Web, a directory of vacation rentals, represented more than 50,000 rentals at the time of its 1998 merger with In 2000, Cherie joined the team of WebAccommodate where she built an online electronic distribution service for vacation rentals. In 2003, Cherie was asked to join the team at Yellow Pages Travel (a subsidiary of Within a year, Yellow Pages Travel sold to SBC-Bell South for $13 Million.

In 2005, Cherie partnered with the team from Yellow Pages Travel to build the popular vacation rental listing service, which now has more than 100,000 listings. Cherie has helped build websites for more than 500 small business owners in the past 15 years. She is dedicated to creating best standards in the web design industry and empowering small business owners with beautiful professional websites that grow with their businesses.

Cherie has a BA in Communication from Santa Clara University and worked as a journalist for several years before starting a career in the internet.


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