Sam Sasso

March 15, 2017 By

Sam is a highly-skilled, web-developer and designer who specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce. He began his career as a graphic designer in 2010, learning the skills of the trade from his father, a designer, artist and long-time professor of the arts. In 2012, he expanded his skills to coding, which all began with teaching himself how to code a contact form. The process of trying to figure out how to make the form functional using this foreign language was fascinating to him.

Having been a professional musician for 14 years, Sam finds an interesting juxtaposition with creating music and coding websites. He says, “the language of music and the language of coding are just that, languages, and when you learn to speak them fluently, you can communicate in wonderful ways.” He also finds that having a background as a designer is extremely advantageous while developing a website, as he codes with design in mind. He not only understands how to make a site functional, but how to make it look sleek in the process.

He’s been working as Stellaractive’s lead developer since 2016 and has enjoyed working closely with our tight-knit team in providing beautiful, functional websites for our clients. In addition to his role at Stellaractive, he and his father own Sasso Studio: a Portland-based, web-design firm that has propelled the success of their clients, e.g, Silver Lake Resort, Unifilter and Pyrotect with their impeccably-designed and easy-to-use websites.

Sam enjoys spending time with his family and adoring fiance and is looking forward to adopting a dog soon.


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