Urban Timber Tree Service

This team lives up to the name. Not only do they create stellar websites tailored to your company’s image, they offer the best customer service experience from beginning to end. We are Urban Timber,  a family-owned tree care company. We wanted a modern website that is easy to navigate and is optimized for the Great Omnipotent Google Search.  After reaching out to a few companies, not finding a good fit and sometimes being flat-out ignored, we came across Stellaractive on Yelp. Jessica and Rupert contacted us within minutes and took the reigns.   They listened to our vision, took notes, had an answer to every question and created a game plan. Suddenly, a project that had daunted us for months was now in motion and at an affordable price, paid in installments as the site progressed.  They followed through with each detail of the vision and met every deadline.  Well, they met every deadline until WE held up the process by pretending we could write our own text for the website.  That was a fail on our part, but luckily they have an editor on their team who took over and created some great informative text, with SEO as a focus, getting us back on track.  They make it easy to view the website remotely throughout the process and they welcome any tweaks or critiques, making changes quickly to keep the ball rolling. We love the final product and we’re proud to show our clients. See their handiwork at urbantimbertree.com.  Rupert even created instructional videos for us in case we want to edit the website ourselves, i.e. change photos or update staff bios. We also opted to host our website through their company, which is offered at a competitive price to GoDaddy, and now all of our website questions can be answered in one place. They run a tight ship and we were impressed with the smooth operation. We also just really like them as people. They’re easy to talk to, they’re patient, they show integrity from the start and you know the project is in good hands.   Thanks to Jessica, Rupert and the whole team! We highly recommend Stellaractive.  – Sydney & Jeremy @ Urban Timber Tree Service