The City of Arvin – Bringing New Options to an Established City

November 18, 2015 By
  • City Image Renewed & Revamped
  • Easy to Use Navigational Structure
  • WordPress Environment Allowing the City to Self Update
  • Outside Investment Encouraged via Content
  • Responsive Site Design
  • Full Service Provided for Content Creation

The City of Arvin is a beautiful California city located just North of Bakersfield. The City is rich with agriculture and a strong community and the City leaders wanted a website that displays the special nature of the City as well as the myriad opportunities that Arvin offers outside investors. With a well rounded infrastructure ready to support retail expansion, the City needed to revamp the public image presented by their website.

WordPress was selected due to its flexible structure and responsive site options. A key aspect of the new site for the City of Arvin revolves around clear navigation of the many City departments. From building permits to police activities, there is quite a bit of essential information that needs to be easily accessible to residents. A cohesive structure of “Live”, “Work” and “Play” was used to organize often accessed data and allows viewers quick access to what they are looking for on the new site.

Stellaractive understands the needs of busy city staff and the issues that come to bear when multiple departments need to contribute content and information for a website. The Stellaractive Team designed a full service support plan that allowed City Staff to provide content information while maintaining their regular workflow. With interviews and content collection from more than a dozen City Staff members, Stellaractive developed compelling content that allows each department’s section on the new site to inform and explain what role it plays in the workings of the City.

The look and feel of the new City of Arvin site was a major focus for the Stellaractive Team. Creative Director Rupert Edson pored through hundreds of images, seeking pictures that told the story of the City and developed a clear visual narrative of the beauty of the area as well as the strength of the community. The City’s motto “The Garden in the Sun” was brought forward with the use of clear colors and crisp layouts, allowing viewers glimpse of warm California sunshine.

While maintaining easy access for residents to information needed for their daily lives, the City of Arvin also wanted to invite outside developers to invest in the city. Stellaractive developed navigation and content that funnels possible investors into key areas of the site that detail information useful for developers. The result is a site that is nearly effortless to navigate as well as packed full of relevant information for both residents and possible investors.

The City of Arvin is a wonderful city nestled in California’s San Joaquin Valley and a perfect spot to live and work. Their new website reflects the warm, beautiful environment and the many City services that make life in the City of Arvin truly like living in The Garden of the Sun.

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