4000 PDF Historical Library Now Searchable By Keywords

Milburn-LibraryThe Millburn Public Library was so pleased with their redesigned website, they hired Stellaractive to work on another project. The Library has a stunning collection of more than 4000 historical documents dating back to the 1840’s in PDF format.  The server housing the PDFs was failing and Millburn Public Library needed a new server and new database to not only host and store the PDFs in a secure setting but allow for a search of the historical data.

Utilizing SQL Server/ASP.net (MVC) as the starting point, Stellaractive created a robust database that allows the Library to add, delete, replace, categorize and include keywords with the PDFs.  With secure Administration access, Millburn Public Library has the ability to manage the PDFs on both a group and individual level.  In addition, Stellaractive created a publicly accessible search on the Millburn Public Library site that lets visitors search the text of all 4000+ PDFs.  The value to historians, genealogists, educators and the general public is priceless and it’s rewarding for us here at Stellaractive to be a part of such a worthwhile project.