The Journey to a Stellar New Website

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In the digital age, evolution is not just a choice; it’s a necessity — and Stellaractive embodies this principle. For 17 years, we’ve witnessed and led the revolution in digital practices, from the depths of code changes to the peaks of social media trends. Now, it’s time to practice what we preach: a website isn’t just a digital card; it’s the essence of your business’s online identity.

That’s why we’re excited to unveil our own website’s transformation. It’s a testament to our growth, reflects current trends, and demonstrates the power of staying current in a fast-paced online world.

This isn’t just about a new look for us; it’s about setting a standard. Regularly refreshing your website is crucial — it improves user experience, adapts to modern aesthetics, and keeps your brand ahead of the curve.

Read on to discover how our journey started with teamwork and a fresh look at our logo before we empowered content and messaging to lead the way. Learn how we prioritized fun design and cutting-edge functionality and how it all paid off with our recent award recognition. Discover how we can do the same for your brand.

Rebranding is a team sport

We face every project as a team, including our own rebrand. It’s about leveraging every team member’s strength to forge a new identity that represents our collective vision and capabilities.

Each person’s input is crucial. That’s why our designers, developers, content writers, and SEO experts all dove into the process, bringing fresh ideas, cutting-edge skills, and a shared dedication to propel the agency forward.

Taking a strategy- and content-led approach to website redesign

We frequently tell our clients that strategy and story lead design, so once our logo was finalized, we knew where the website redesign project needed to start. We laid out a list of goals, which included:

  • Conveying our expanding list of capabilities, including a full suite of marketing services
  • Reviewing existing content and updating and expanding as needed
  • Updating the design and interface to be more accessible
  • Ensuring seamless functionality across all devices
  • Displaying our newest work in an engaging format
  • Widening the scope of educational content we offer to current and potential clients
  • Showcasing the broad capabilities of our talented development team of developers

Enter the marketing team, which identified opportunities for expanding website content to support our goals. Their job included keyword research, competitor review, the creation of content outlines, and, finally, a complete rewrite of our messaging.

Seriously fun design work

After laying down the solid content and website structure foundation, our design team stepped in to elevate it. They skillfully integrated the marketing team’s content roadmap with our pre-established brand identity, focusing on user experience and navigation.

The result is a visual site that communicates our unified message and embodies Stellaractive’s playful and creative essence. This is particularly evident in the eye-catching animations and the Meet the Team page, which showcases the unique blend of our team’s expertise and our company’s vibrant personality.

Showing off our work

Early in the redesign process, we knew we wanted to refresh our portfolio with many of our latest and most significant projects. We also wanted to adopt a more visually compelling way to showcase our work.

We enriched our portfolio with a tapestry of design elements that tell a story for each client. Now, visitors can get a natural feel for our websites with features like full home page iframes and the custom design components we craft. It’s about giving a taste of the real thing – an immersive preview that captures the thrill we experience in bringing a new project to life.

Completing the vision with web functionality

With the design concepts in place, it was time to break ground on the new website. The development team took the helm, inspired by bold design concepts brimming with potential. Bringing these ideas to life meant ensuring they were imaginative, practical, and user-friendly.

Our developers rolled up their sleeves and tackled the designs head-on, programming custom features and infusing them with a unique touch. They worked diligently to ensure complex elements like our Team Tips and Portfolio captured the design team’s creative vision and functioned smoothly. Ultimately, we achieved a site that delivers a seamless experience on any browser, marrying form with function.

A website for all

We take web accessibility seriously and want everyone who visits our site to use it without any unnecessary issues. That’s why one of the driving factors behind our redesign was making it more accessible for those who use assistive technology to surf the web.

Working together, the design and development teams implemented features that allow people with disabilities to use our website to the full extent of their capabilities. This included ensuring color contrast ratios were within acceptable parameters, paying attention to type size, labeling form fields, and adding alt tags and meta descriptions. We also added a plugin called Accessibe, which empowers visitors to make additional visual adjustments as needed.

Our award winning website

Winning the prestigious Hermes Creative Award for our website redesign is an immense source of pride and joy for the Stellaractive team. It’s more than just an accolade; it’s a validation of the countless hours, tireless effort, and unwavering dedication that went into creating a digital experience that truly stands out.

This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final launch, our team poured their hearts into every detail. It’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality and innovation in everything we do.

Moreover, this award serves as a powerful inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. It fuels our determination to stay at the forefront of digital design, constantly seeking new ways to elevate the user experience and deliver unparalleled results for our clients and ourselves.

Let’s create your success story together

We’re thrilled to unveil our new website, a true team effort that showcases our agency’s unity—marketers, designers, and developers who work together with passion to achieve a common goal.

Our work with hundreds of clients has shaped our journey, and we’re excited to connect with many more. If you’re searching for an agency committed to a lasting partnership, or if you’re an existing partner ready to grow, we’re just a message away. Get in touch to start crafting your digital future.