Stellaractive Clients Making a Difference for the Homeless

Image for Stellaractive Clients Making a Difference for the Homeless

Recently, two of our clients, Mattress Lot and Catholic Charities of Oregon, worked together in helping the homeless community in North Portland. The Kenton Women’s Village is a tiny-home community that gives shelter to 14 women-identified homeless individuals. The goal is to give them the chance to regain permanent residency, as well as the support and comfort of being amongst a strong community.

Each “sleeping pod” was built and designed by local makers and community artists and each were supplied with a comfy mattress from Mattress Lot. Catholic Charities of Oregon will be working closely with the women, providing shared facilities for toilets, sanitation and hygiene; shared food storage, preparation and dining facilities; as well as  one-on-one case management, employment assistance and health care.

It is the first community of it’s kind in Portland and considered a “pilot” project. Their hope is to see the women succeed in a setting like this and to create other similar opportunities that will help homeless individuals create lasting homes.

We are honored to be working with such fine businesses that are doing great work for the people of Portland.