Pivoting to Meet New Needs: Mattress Lot 

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Each day of the 13 years Stellaractive has been in business, we’ve taken pride in helping our clients succeed with awesome new websites and effective marketing plans. We love a good challenge, most especially when it includes the opportunity to assist a valued local business (and long-time client!) weather a difficult situation.

The Challenge

Since 2010, Mattress Lot has provided its Portland, Oregon area customers with a different way to shop for and purchase mattresses. Valuing transparency and honesty, their sales team doesn’t work on commission, which gives customers a less stressful shopping experience. Mattress Lot is also dedicated to sustainability, thanks to a focus on locally sourced products and its use of eco-safe and recyclable materials. The company also prioritizes giving back to the local community.

While Mattress Lot was selling more mattresses than any other independent mattress store in Oregon, the rise of Covid-19 and subsequent stay-at-home orders took a toll on their business. Unable to sell in their showroom, they sought a way to serve their customers during the pandemic. Selling their products online was the obvious solution.

The Solution

The Stellaractive team sprung to action and in just three weeks we enhanced Mattress Lot’s website by adding a dozen products, each with different sizing options. We also updated the header of the site to include a shopping cart icon and included a callout on the homepage directing users to the online store.

The shop:

Offers Mattress Lot customers a clear and convenient way to shop, with engaging product images and descriptions, as well as links to related products.
Features unique fulfillment rules, with free shipping on purchases, limited to local zip codes.
Integrates their payment gateway and tax filing software.
Includes a prominent delivery/curbside pickup message to ensure customers understand how they will receive their purchase.
Ensures customers are made aware of all terms and conditions prior to completing their purchase.
Knowing that a solid 80% of Mattress Lot’s visitors use their phones to access the website, we paid special attention to the mobile experience. The result is an easily-navigated online shopping experience that is exceptional on every device.

The Result

Within hours of launching online sales capabilities, Mattress Lot had sold their first mattress online. And just three weeks later, Mattress Lot had already exceeded their sales goal. We’re thrilled that this fantastic company has found new and exciting ways to thrive during this challenging time.

How can we help you?

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