Strengthening our Community, One Cornhole Rickroll at a Time

Yes, you’ve just been Rickrolled in 2022! But seriously, here at Stellaractive we love a joke and, just like Rick Astley, we’re never gonna let you down.


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As a marketing partner of The Partners Group, we’re thrilled to participate in the TPG Throwdown: Cornhole for a Cause event. TPG is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. The TPG Foundation has already raised $75,000 through employee donations and corporate matching since its inception in 2020. The TPG Throwdown is the Foundation’s first major public event, and all proceeds will be donated to two worthy organizations:

INCIGHT’s mission is to unlock the potential of people through employment, education, and independence. INCIGHT serves individuals living with barriers, people with disabilities, single parents, veterans, welfare recipients, and justice involved.

Every Child PDX is a part of Every Child Oregon, which mobilizes community to uplift children and families impacted by foster care.

Stellaractive’s community involvement

Like TPG, Stellaractive is also committed to helping our community and the causes that are important to us. For the past few years, we’ve celebrated the Stellar Season of Giving, where Stellar employees are given funds to donate to the cause(s) of their choice. This has turned into a meaningful tradition for us and we’re excited to keep it going in 2022. (Read where we donated in 2021 and 2020.) “Cornhole Rickroll” hilarity aside, it was our honor to be a Bronze sponsor for the TPG Cornhole for a Cause event. And we’re not done, yet!

We will donate an additional $5 for every visitor to this page in 2022, up to a total $2,000 donation to be split between INCIGHT and Every Child PDX.

Like Rick Astley (yes, again!), we’re never gonna give up, so share this page on your social networks and with your friends, family, and coworkers. Let’s see what kind of impact we can make!

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