Inovia Vein is a vein surgery clinic with five locations across Portland and one in Bend. They wanted a website upgrade that would present the extensive client education pages in a more interesting and readable format, as their previous site suffered from large word-walls and a lack of visual elements to break up the text.
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Simplified navigation

Sticky header

A sticky header made navigation much simpler on the many long pages in the site, removing the need to scroll back to the top to make a new page selection, while providing a visual anchor to the page — keeping the logo ever-present.

Visual hierarchy

Placing a visual hierarchy on the primary navigation and rearranging the categories cut the number of choices in half, making the visitor journey much easier.

On-page navigation

The addition of on-page navigation by section means that the visitor does not need to revisit the main menu to delve deeper into each subject.

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Shading and headline styles greatly improved readability of a text-heavy site

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Easy interface for staff and FAQ

Staff and FAQs appear on pages based on categories they are assigned

These allow for a single repository to be updated which can then be fed to different areas of the site for consistency in display and accuracy of text.