The PowerZone is an educational project created by Clark Public Utilities. CPUD had been working with local schools for years with educational tours, projects such as their Solar Car Challenge and other programs. The PowerZone website was an idea necessitated by the pandemic when these in-person opportunities were no longer available.
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Redundant navigation for young users

The different sections of the site are color-coded, and paired with icons to assist users of any age and education level to navigate through the site. Menus are available on the page, through the use of an accordion menu on mobile, or a mega-menu on desktop, with calls-to-action throughout to help draw students deeper into topics.

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Color palette linked to subject areas

Menus, headlines, buttons, and icons are all color-coded to indicate the subject area.

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Patterns reinforce the link between color and subject

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"The team is creative which led to a dazzling website I am bursting with pride over."

— Amber Hall, PowerZone/Clark Public Utilities

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A series of icons identifies a wide variety of topics

These provide visual cues for major topics such as animals and plants, but also more granular subdivisions of those topics, such as osprey, pollinators, invasive plants, and native plants.

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A huge assortment of games and activities

The website hosts more than 80 games, activities, and experiments, including crossword puzzles, word searches, digital coloring pages, and matching games. You can also find step-by-step instructions for educational experiments on topics such as kinetic energy, erosion, solar power, and more, which are designed to facilitate hands-on learning experiences.

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