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We just finished another WordPress website for another stellar client of ours, The No Hate Zone. Sam Sachs, our client, was a great guy to be working with on such a significant project.

Who They Are:

The No Hate Zone was founded with the mission to promote racial equality and to educate the public about critical racial issues impacting our society today. Sam Sachs, founder of The No Hate Zone, envisions a world where every race is embraced for their unique attributes and contributions to our world. Sam wants to keep promoting peace, love and compassion so that one day we all are ensured a safe and valued place in the communities we inhabit.

Client Goals:

Our client came to us with the desire to have a website that reflected the community work and activism that he is involved in. His original site was outdated and did not properly let visitors know what exactly The No Hate Zone was. Sam wanted the site to serve as a community outreach where people could learn more about race relations, community events and where Sam could blog about his personal experiences in activism.

Project Objectives:

Our team here at Stellaractive set out to design and build The No Hate Zone using our favorite content management system, WordPress. We set our client up with an Events feed that is displayed on the homepage, which informs people of any upcoming occasions. We provided easy-to-update pages that contained valuable information on the work that Sam has done for equality in college sports, as well as the work he’s done to ban racially insensitive mascots in sports. We also added a page for his “Safe Place, Safe Space” decals that local homes, businesses and places of worship put in their window to advertise that all are welcome. The contact form makes it easy for Sam to receive inquiries regarding the decals.

Look and Feel:

One of the major contributions to the overall look of the site was our logo design. We created a friendly, inviting logo that aptly interprets the organization as a space for unity and understanding. Our design team intended to highlight the inclusive nature of The No Hate Zone using stunning visuals that represent the diversity and compassion of the organization. We also used a bold, welcoming font throughout the site.

The Result:

Our client was more than happy with their responsive WordPress website that is easily editable, appropriately represents what The No Hate Zone is all about and engages the community in learning about race relations. Collectively, our client and our team at Stellaractive set out to create a site that activates and mobilizes people to make a difference in our society and with tools like signing up for a “Safe Place, Safe Space” decals, news about community gatherings and informative pages including how to take actions that directly improve your community, we delivered a beautiful site that did just that.

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