How to Use Pinterest for Your Business: Top Marketing Strategies to Incorporate

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Pinterest isn’t just great for designing your new home or getting daily DIY inspiration. It offers businesses and individuals a unique visual platform for marketing to a new potential customer base. Establishing a presence across multiple social media platforms is vital, yet Pinterest is often overlooked. Pinterest is well known for travel, fashion, and food, but its uses go far beyond that!

It’s a great place to market your business and showcase products, services, and projects to a vast audience while connecting with customers and other businesses. There are over 431 million active monthly users on Pinterest, and they are all searching for inspiration and helpful tips. If your customers (or potential customers) are on Pinterest, you should be there too.

Set up your business account and start building your profile

Getting started on Pinterest is as easy as creating a business account. Creating a business account gives you access to analytics and advertising tools. Do you already have a personal account? Good news! You can easily convert an existing account to a business account. You’ll retain all your perfectly curated boards or pins. You’ll be given access to great marketing tools such as analytics and the ability to advertise. As a part of this step, you’ll need to verify your business’ website on Pinterest. Pinterest provides you with all the necessary information you need, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with this step.

After you’ve set up your business account, upload a Pinterest-worthy profile picture. Setting up your profile is vital because not only does it allow you to showcase your brand, but you are also providing a snapshot of what your business is all about. Potential customers will visit your profile to learn more about your business, so be sure you have a descriptive username, bio, and an eye-catching photo.

Spend time creating boards and pinning engaging content

Once your account is set up, have a little fun by curating relevant boards and pinning photos showcasing your products, services, or content. This is the best way to organize your profile to make it easy for your audience to find what they want! After you have had a chance to create a few boards, you can build your following/followers list. 85% of pinners prefer visual content, making Pinterest the perfect platform to market your business. In addition, this particular platform allows consumers to click through links, unlike social media channels like Instagram.

Researching similar accounts can give you inspiration for how you want your page to look, the content you want to share, and what kind of posts your target audience interacts most with. While you are working on building your profile, consider making some of your posts shoppable! Pinterest allows you to tag products in your photos and add a destination link. This will enable users to click through to your website, which increases traffic. This valuable tool will allow you to track conversions on products in your Pinterest analytics.

Follow and engage with other accounts

When you follow and interact with other accounts, you are building personal relationships with users and other businesses. This direct interaction will encourage loyalty and brand connection.

Four steps to building Pinterest engagement:

  • Follow new accounts with similar interests to your business and share similar content. You can find these companies through hashtags and by reviewing those who follow your account.
  • Comment, like, and share the content your followers share.
  • Respond to messages, comments, and reviews to give users a personalized experience that allows them to feel heard.
  • Create engaging posts and create shareable content.

Optimize your account using SEO strategies and incorporate keywords in your pins

First and foremost, Pinterest is a search engine. It can significantly boost your visibility in searches, so optimizing your profile can help increase your organic (and, in some cases, paid) traffic.

The first thing you want to do is optimize your Pinterest profile. Fill your profile’s description with keywords that relate to your brand but also with terms that users may be searching for. Ensure your profile is complete and includes a clear description of your business, a profile picture, and a cover image.

The data doesn’t lie! Check out your analytics and adjust your marketing strategy as needed

One of the best features Pinterest offers businesses is the ability to track analytics, conversion insights, and your audience overview. This allows you to see if you are pinning items and posting products that appeal to your audience. To get even more in-depth, post a catalog of products. This allows you to run ads directly on Pinterest and track which products are selling and on which days. You can use the analytics tools in your account to track the performance of your boards, pins, and advertisements and adjust accordingly.

Once you have successfully set up your Pinterest business account, share it with your other social media channels! Let people know that you created an account and what they can expect to see if they follow you.

Why should your business be on Pinterest?

  1. Expand your audience reach with a large user base. Pinterest is the most prominent social media platform, with over 235 million international users, and Pinterest can open your business up to millions of new customers.
  2. Pinterest is an excellent visual platform. Pinterest is a great platform for visually showcasing your brand.
  3. Brand exposure. Users discover new brands and products on Pinterest each week, and it can expose your brand to a large audience.

You don’t want to miss an opportunity to market your business and your products and spread brand awareness. Stellaractive is here to help your business grow through multiple social networks and to help you reach your business goals! Questions? Contact us today.