The Shapira Foundation- Making a Difference with a New, Easy to Use Website

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The Anne and Eli Shapira Charitable Foundation has been a key player here in Portland, working with a wide range of nonprofits and community outreach programs to provide support for everything from after school programs to food pantries. Their dedication to helping out locally has made a difference to so many here in the Portland area and when Stellaractive learned that The Shapira Foundation needed a website redesign we were happy to hop on board.

Their site needed a redesign that would allow for both the main Foundation’s presence as well as a section for HugPatrol, one of their key projects. Aspects of the design needed to focus on clarity, clean lines, and a more modern feel to the site. Our Stellaractive team, led by Creative Director Rupert Edson, spent hours with The Shapira Foundation staff working on a clear vision for the site and making certain that the look and feel matched the effective and caring nature of the organization itself.

To facilitate clear communication with the viewer and make certain that the branding matched The Foundation’s mission statement, new logos were developed for both The Shapira Foundation and HugPatrol. This allowed a new look to flow through the site and an updated color palette was developed that focused on the vibrant, active nature of the organization.

The decision was made early on to include Hug Patrol as a separate section within the site in order to keep the application process simple and easy. The site itself is fully responsive, adjusting to viewers’ technology and allowing a wide range of devices to display the site with ease. Built in our Web Builder content management system, The Shapira Foundation site can be quickly and easily updated by Foundation staff whenever they choose. This allows them not only to change the content at will but saves them a considerable amount of money on web updates as they don’t need to hire a web designer in order to make simple changes to their site content.

In addition to new logos, new branding and a responsive approach to the site, the team here at Stellaractive also included some 3rd party code for the HugPatrol section of the site. The Shapira Foundation uses WizeHive to handle their applications and grant tracking for HugPatrol and we were able to embed the login and account generation fields right into the HugPatrol application page. This easy transition allows for a greater level of engagement with applicants and also supports the worthwhile work being done by cutting down on data entry work for The Foundation.

Few organizations are as effective as The Anne and Eli Shapira Charitable Foundation while keeping such a clear vision. It was a pleasure working with them to design and create their new branding and website and we’re looking forward to supporting The Shapira Foundation with excellent customer service as they continue their worthwhile work.

  • Logo Development
  • Branding
  • WebBuilder Content Management System
  • Site Redesign & Rebuild
  • Responsive Site Design
  • 3rd Party Code Embedded

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