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Stellaractive Web Design Agency

Anyone can make a pretty website these days, but not everyone knows how to build a site that gives your business results! That’s where Stellaractive comes in. Along with our well-designed websites, we craft effective marketing strategies that activate your site to its highest potential, so your business can shine.

Our team at Stellaractive takes an individualized approach with every client we work with. We get down to the details of what your business is all about. We’re not just a one-and-done web agency! Beyond when your site is launched, we’re here for your business and your marketing needs. With the support of our team, you’ll not only get a gorgeous site, but that site will get noticed in the search engines; will generate leads and sales; and create streamlined efficiencies for your team to run the site smoothly.

We’ve been in the business over 10 years and are honored to have built nearly 1,000 websites. From Portland, OR to Portland, ME, we have helped many businesses across the US achieve their website goals. We love what we do.

Our Clients Love Us

“As a start-up company, we needed a firm who knew what questions to ask and how to implement our styles and vision into our website. When you’re creating a business from scratch, it is very crucial to have a team who knows the ins and outs and can take your website to the next level. Stellaractive has gone above and beyond in creating our website. It is a lot of hard work and everyone on their team has their own strengths to bring to the table. We are very happy customers and would recommend Stellaractive for anyone planning a site build/re-build.”

Jessica – Discover African Art