UnParallel Sports


UnParallel Sports’ climbing and biking shoes are taking the U.S. by storm!

When we developed UnParallel Sports’ first website a few years ago, we knew the brand was going to ascend to the top of the performance shoe market. After all, the UP team has decades worth of rock climbing and biking shoe design and engineering experience, and their products are produced at their own factory in California. Even their shoe’s unique high-friction rubber compound is engineered and processed in California!

Having conquered the U.S. market, the company is now poised for expansive international growth, which prompted a brand refresh. The result is a bold logo, strong color scheme, gritty imagery, and a website that works as well as their shoes.

UP’s climbing shoes are designed to improve performance and climbers have been taking note, making sales soar in the first month of the site relaunch. Their revamped eCommerce website includes:

  • Updated fonts, colors, images throughout
  • New logo integration
  • Updated product images, including multiple angles per style
  • User-centric product descriptions and specs on all products
  • Updated European market information included on relevant pages
  • New visitor popup message to highlight new collections

UnParallel Sport's new website is poised to deliver expansive market growth:

  • Strong, modern branding, featuring a new logo and striking color scheme
  • Clear, detailed product imagery
  • Descriptive product copy
  • Easy navigation
  • Streamlined check-out process
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO signals