Windhorse Integrative Mental Health



Stellaractive was excited to tackle the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind website for Windhorse Integrative Mental Health, a one-of-a-kind treatment facility that provides holistic care for adults recovering from extreme mind states.

Windhorse IMH’s tailored and innovative programs feature neighborhood-based living, intensive one-on-one clinical support, and relationship-building through a therapeutic community. Clients live with dignity in a household, where they work with an integrated team and become an active part of a community.

Windhorse’s successful and pioneering treatment wasn’t adequately reflected in their website, which faced a number of challenges. Their organization’s messaging wasn’t apparent enough to a new visitor, so a new site had to speak more directly to the unique type of services they provide. They sought a palette and feel that would be reassuring, especially for parents of potential clients, which was a change from their current corporate look. The organization’s three locations also needed to be seen as separate but still clearly contained under one brand. Content on the site didn’t direct visitors well, due to a less-than-optimal homepage experience and clunky navigation.

Stellaractive’s main goal in this project was to create a site with a look and feel that would convey trust and calm while  providing visitors with valuable information. First, we created a beautiful new color palette and integrated design elements like headers with hand painted lines and gorgeous fonts. Then we amped up the content by incorporating succinct headlines that emphasized Windhorse’s mission or included call-to-actions. Navigation was revamped to provide more details to ensure visitors could access the information they needed with fewer clicks. More content was provided about the organization’s different locations, as well as the staff in each, thanks to a nifty roll-over biography feature.

We’re proud to have delivered a purposeful and meaningful website that meets the needs of this outstanding organization so they can continue serving vulnerable populations for years to come.

Stellaractive crafted a website for Windhorse IMH that:

  • Features comforting and reputable aesthetic and copy
  • Seamlessly responds to users’ screen, no matter the size
  • Unifies the brand identities of three different locations
  • Contains roll-over bios for staff and board members
  • Uses HIPPA compliant forms
  • Gives Windhorse team members to ability to easily update the site